Speaking on Twitter, Elon Musk said that Tesla will be opening its Supercharger network to other competing EV companies.

This would not be the first time Tesla has said so, but Musk has on this occasion offered a time-scale of “later this year,”, which of course has only around 5 months left to it.

The nature of the offer is not clear – in Europe Tesla has the same charging connector as most other EV companies, but in the USA they use a proprietary charger, and it is unclear how other companies would connect to Tesla’s Superchargers, or if Tesla plans to convert to the  CCS charging standard.

If Tesla does open up its network to competing cars it would likely have a number of unhappy customers, as Tesla’s Supercharging network is already getting strained in some areas, and adding more cars from the exploding EV market will not help the situation.

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