MSPoweruser Game of the Year 2019 Awards

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As 2019 comes to a close, we always enjoy looking back at what this year has given us. While MSPoweruser’s hardware side oogles at the marvels of advancing hardware, MSPoweruser gaming enjoys the efforts of software. That’s why we have the MSPoweruser Game of the Year 2019 Awards: it’s far from prestigious but it makes us feel good!

So sit back, relax, do anything other than skim read the list of titles in a numbered order and, presumably, argue about them in the comments.

Disclaimer: These Games of the Year may not all have official reviews on MSPU Gaming. Decided on by a group of gamers that are a part of the MSPoweruser Gaming team – freelance and otherwise – everyone’s Game of the Year is present here.

[shunno-quote] Runners Up[/shunno-quote]

Untitled Goose Game

While other games on our MSPoweruser Game of the Year 2019 Awards list are known for their deep storytelling or complex gameplay, Untitled Goose Game is rather simple in its offerings. You play as a Goose, a horrible goose, that has tasked itself with the goal of infuriating the populace of an idyllic English village.

While simplistic in its execution, Untitled Goose Game manages to craft effortless fun through casual puzzles in gorgeous playgrounds painted with a thick coat of charm.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses

Fire Emblem: Three Houses is the latest instalment in the Fire Emblem series and one that’s thrust the series into a bigger limelight in the West than ever before. Three Houses appeals to both veterans and newcomers alike, with the game retaining a Classic Mode for more traditional play and implementing a much easier Casual Mode for those who aren’t quite ready for Fire Emblem’s infamous perma-deaths. The cast of characters is also impressive and Three Houses’ “Invite To Tea” mechanic deserves an award in itself.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Modern Warfare is the quintessential Call of Duty game, that much doesn’t need to be stated anymore. Unlike the meandering gameplay styles of previous titles that aimed to inherit from hero shooters, Infinity Ward’s return to the traditional boots-on-the-ground style of CoD is a remarkable effort.

While its campaign does falter from propagandist meddling, Infinity Ward has done well to support this latest CoD more than ever before and for free!

Gears 5

While Gears of War 4 may have been a carbon-copy return to the muscly man marathon of hardcore action and grizzled voices that many originally invested themselves into the Gears series for, Gears 5 is a bit more nuanced and a helluva lot more inventive.

Moving away from the Fenix family and focusing almost entirely on the story of Gears 4’s Kait Diaz, Gears 5 offers a better story and gameplay experience than before. If Gears 4 was the video game equivalent of The Force Awakens, Gears 5 is The Last Jedi.

Shenmue 3

It’s been a long time coming. Yu Suzuki’s glorious return to the two-decade old unfinished story of Ryo Hazuki was everything we ever wanted in a third entry to the Shenmue series. Maintaining the zen-like feel of the classic games whilst still including some much-needed modern additions, this is the next step for Shenmue.

Some, just like the originals, may not enjoy the plodding pace or reliance on conversations as part of its core gameplay, but those who do will respect Shenmue 3 for not attempting to transform itself into a game it so obviously isn’t. This isn’t the end of Ryo’s story, but it’s the next chapter we all wanted.

Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night 

The return to Igavania has never been so sweet. As Konami continues to abandon its franchises in favor of Japanese gambling techniques, it’s up to the company’s contractual departed employees to bring back the games that fans love.

Bloodstained is just that: fans that have craved a fantastic return to the Gothic adventures of Castlevania are in for an absolute dream of a game. Well, it’s technically more of a nightmare, but a really good one!

Void Bastards

It seems that most view Void Bastards as a come-and-go experience, but not us! Executed through an intense conic-book aesthetic, the roguelite first-person shooter adventures throughout the barbaric spacebound narrative of this amiable experience are unforgettable.

Of course, it has some issues, but they’re only ever minor blemishes on a title that always manages to entertain. It can be hard, it can be mildly annoying on occasion, but it’s absolutely worth playing.

[shunno-quote] Winners [/shunno-quote]

Resident Evil 2

Survival horror reborn. Capcom’s return to the 90s with the RE Engine remake of Resident Evil 2 has startled, shocked and scared us to our very core. As a return to Raccoon City, this survival horror title excels in every way. As a game it does more than that.

Capcom has once again crafted a remarkable horror experience that manages to be one of the most enjoyable titles available to play, just a couple of years after the extraordinary Resident Evil 7. Not only has this title solidified the fact that Resi is back and better than ever, but also that Capcom is.

Sayonara Wild Hearts

Launching alongside Apple’s Xbox Game Pass competitor for mobile, the pulse-pounding musical venture through the mystical theatre of a broken heart is one of the most engaging titles to grace close-to-every device this year.

An unforgettable story told through miniature set pieces decorated in bright neons and accompanied by transcendental pop music, Sayonara Wild Hearts is a visual and audible treat for any gamer.


Remedy Entertainment has done it again, this time far removed from the expensive backing of Microsoft. Following up the slightly disappointing Quantum Break, Control instead offers one of the best third-person shooter experiences we’ve seen in years.

It’s a revolutionary, unique title that offers as much in the way of architectural extremities as it does intriguing narratives. Every corner hides a secret – eerie, ethereal, eldritch, etcetera – but every other corner unveils an intriguing revelation.

Bolstered by an inventive and engaging combat system that learns from the missteps  of Quantum Break, Remedy Entertainment’s Control is a game far more worthy than MSPoweruser’s Game of the Year 2019 Awards.

While these may be our Game of the Year 2019 choices, don’t forget to tell us yours in the comments below. Remember, no matter what anyone else tells you, your Game of the Year is your choice.