Mozilla is testing setting Bing as the default Firefox search engine

by Surur
September 17, 2021
Mozilla Firefox 79

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Ghacks reports that Mozilla is testing setting Bing as the default search engine for some of their Firefox users.

The SUMO search experiment will see 1% of all Firefox desktop users have their search engine set to Bing.

The study started on the 6th of September and lasts until the end of January 2022.

The move is either in anticipation of a switch to Microsoft’s Bing, which has been struggling to gain market share or to put pressure on Google, which funds Mozilla to the tune of $400-$450 million per year to be their default search engine.

That deal expires in 2023, and given Firefox’s waning market share Google will likely be negotiating for a much smaller payout.

If your default search engine has been changed to Bing it is of course easy to switch it to whatever else you want, following these steps here.

via BleepingComputer

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