Firefox will now also warn you of compromised sites

Back in September last year, we reported that Mozilla has partnered with Have I Been Pwned to let users know if their accounts have been compromised during a data breach.

At that time the company was working with Have I Been Pwned and named its service “Firefox Monitor”. Now the company is integrating the feature directly into the web browser so you don’t have to go to Firefox Monitor to check if your account has been compromised. The feature is currently in test and will roll out to the Firefox users soon. For now, if you want to try it out, you can download the Firefox Canary build and find the preference “extensions.fxmonitor.enabled” and change its value to true. This should enable the feature and once you head to a website that was hacked recently, you will receive a popup saying “have an account on this site?”. You can click on the popup which will redirect you to Firefox Monitor and you can check if your account was compromised.

While this is a neat feature for those who don’t always have the latest updates on the security breaches, Mozilla is certainly not the first company to implement the feature. Google recently released an extension for Chrome called “Password Checkup” that uses a similar mechanism to warn users when their accounts are compromised.

Via: Techdows