Motorola starts taking pre-orders for RAZR foldable smartphone


27, 2020

After almost two months of its launch, Motorola has finally made its first clamshell foldable smartphone, RAZR available for pre-order. At this moment, it’s exclusive to Verizon. You can also pre-order it directly from Verizon, but other than that, it’s also available at Motorola’s official website, and at Amazon. The smartphone is priced at $1,499 — and it’s also available on monthly installments at $62 per month.

The new Razr is constructed of premium stainless steel and 3D Gorilla Glass, and features a dark design which emphasizes its sleek lines.

It features a zero-gap hinge that allows both sides of the customized polymer flexible display system to remain perfectly flush when closed and protects the display from debris and dust; and a re-engineered antenna’s to fit in a space twice as small as today’s smartphones; and is, therefore, water-resistant and splash-proof.

Inside is a 6.2-inch Flex View display with 21:9 aspect ratio which folds up to fit in your pocket easily.

On the outside is an external 2.7-inch interactive Quick View display which provides only the important information on the go, making it easy to stay connected while remaining present in the moment. You can make calls, reply to messages, pay with a tap, control your music, take selfies, use Google assistant and access customized settings, like turning on or off Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, your Hotspot and more, all without ever opening your phone.

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