Motorola Atila – a Windows Mobile MING


12, 2008

Author Surur // in News

About a year ago the BoyGenius announced that Motorola will be bringing their very successful touch screen smartphone, the linux-driver Motorola Ming, to America. He also said the new phone will actually be powered by Windows Mobile.

Fast forward 14 months and the Motorola Atila shows up, again on BGR, and it seems he has forgotten all about his earlier post. The Motorola Atila certainly bears a close resemblance to the Ming, but of course features 3G (which was apparently not supported by the original linux os), has the same 2.8 inch QVGA screen and features Windows Mobile 6.1 professional. At 80x109x13.75mm the tiny handset is sure to be popular.

Read more about the Atila at the BoyGeniusReport here.

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