Moto Z4 owners can use Microsoft’s Surface Pen as a Stylus


13, 2019

Image: XDA

Stylus use cases are rare, I mean really rare. You’ll hardly find anyone who labels Stylus as a high priority. This is definitely not the case when we talk about Stylus for PCs, they can be helpful in a lot of ways. However, despite the limited appeal a lot of manufacturers still prefers to either bundle it with the smartphone or adds support for it. The recently announced Moto Z4 went with the latter one.

The Moto Z4 has support for Stylus. And as per jjsaturday on Reddit, the Moto Z4 has support for the beloved Surface Pen, meaning that you’ll be able to draw various shapes in OneNote app on the smartphone. The Reddit user said that he tested the Surface Pen on the Moto Z4 and it worked as you’d expect. Interestingly enough, Lenovo didn’t mention support for Stylus in the Moto Z4 announcement material. Besides the Surface Pen, it’s likely that the Z4 will support Stylus from other manufacturers as well. Yes, I’m talking about the Galaxy Styluses.

What’s your opinion about Stylus on a Smartphone? Do you think it has critical use cases? Do let us know in the comments section below.

Via: XDA

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