More Windows Phone 8 API’s – Intercept SMS messages and add calendar appointments

July 26, 2012

Reddit user martinsuchan discovered some more new features in the WP8 SDK, including a SmsInterceptor and SaveAppointmentTask API.

The SmsInceptor is for capturing incoming SMS messages, he says. This could allow apps to access online data like Facebook without even having a data connection (by intercepting coded SMS messages that have the data).

SaveAppointmentTask is pretty self explanatory, it allows developers to save appointments directly to the user’s phone’s calendar (something people have been asking for, and used to only be possible by accessing their online calendar and adding the event online which would then sync back to their phone).

There are also three different API’s for the three different tile sizes: FlipTileData, CycleTileData, and IconicTileData. It looks like landscape tiles will use the sliding effect instead of flipping, as can be seen in our video showing the new live tiles in WP8.

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