More Windows Mobile 6.5 screenshots from a newer build –tasty, very tasty

Screen05Some newer builds of Windows Mobile 6.5 has leaked out on PPCGeeks.  Build 21159 apparently brings quite a bit of new features, both cosmetic and useful.

New services apparently include Marketplace, MyPhone and Outlook Live. There also appear to be a new Widgeting system in place.

Cosmetic enhancements includes finally a new and improved Windows Media Player which is now finally finger-friendly, and a much improved look to the scroll bar.

With what we have seen so far, I am beginning to be quite satisfied that Microsoft has actually heard the issues raised by actual Windows Mobile users, and are providing a sufficient response, maybe not enough to convince the media, but to show long-time users that they are finally getting their act together.

In these screenshots the honeycomb programs menu has been disabled, as it seems to be running a bit slow.

Screen01 Screen06


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