More than half of Blackberry’s 120,000 apps are crApps by only two developers


When Blackberry run a number of hackathons and were offering $100 per app to developers, they managed to boost their catalogue by thousands of applications in only a few weeks, leading some Windows Phone fans to wonder of Blackberry was poised to over take the meagre 170,000 apps in the Windows Phone Store.

It seems however we needn’t have worried, as it appears the vast majority of the apps in the store are pure junk produced by as little as two developers.

Developer S4BB has over 47,000 apps in the Blackberry 10 App World, consisting of city guides and individual audio books. Developer Mippin has over 17,000 apps in the BB10 App World, which consist mostly of RSS feeds of websites.

Now the Windows Phone Store is not completely innocent of this practice, but the sheer scale of the practice on Blackberry App World and the dearth of actually popular applications there suggest Windows Phone users can more or less write off the moribund company, which is now up for sale, as competition.