More high-res Windows Mobile 6.5 screen shots



When it rains it really pours, and its really pouring from the leaky sieve that is the Windows Mobile team.

Some more pictures of Windows Mobile 6.5, this time from a VGA device has popped up.  It shows the honeycomb launcher in all its glory, and also shows the now, much more finger-friendly soft key menu system.

Do any of our readers read Chinese?  A translation of the text on the lock screen would be much appreciated.

(click for larger versions)

541_410322_d99239666b0cc39 541_410322_0e228673acbedb5 541_410322_1ba04db28aa4840 541_410322_c4b1e637866bfba 541_410322_f511675019227a1 541_410322_f88ef568babda27 541_410322_7ec5acf667966ec 541_410322_9d689886271dec5 541_410322_bd3ea307feb3fe5 541_410322_5ff3062e8a37183

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