More evidence that Google Pixel 6 will have Ultra Wide Band (UWB) support

by Surur
August 28, 2021
Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro official render

Ultra Wide Band (UWB) is the new must-have technology for flagship smartphones, and the good news is that there is now plenty of evidence that the Google Pixel 6 will indeed offer that feature.

UWB has been pioneered by Apple and is used for things like its Airtags location tracker and for keyless entry to some cars. It is also present in devices such as the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, Z Fold 3 and Xiaomi Mi Mix 4.

Now Google themselves leaked that the Google Pixel 6 will support the technology, via a recent code change to the Android 12 AOSP Gerrit which notes:

Since we are now creating an AOSP HAL for uwb. Rename Pixel specific internal UWB HAL from Android S to hal_uwb_vendor to avoid conflicts with the AOSP HAL sepolicy rules that are going to be added in Android T.

The code basically confirms that a Pixel, very likely the Google Pixel 6, has a Hardware Abstraction Layer for UWB, which would only be necessary if Google is expecting to offer the feature.

UWB is still a minor smartphone feature but should become much more useful in a few years.

The Google Pixel 6 series smartphones will feature a new industrial design and an upgraded rear camera system. The improved sensors and lenses of the new camera system are placed in the camera bar.

Also, these devices have new materials and finishes. The Pixel 6 Pro will come with a light polished aluminium frame while the Pixel 6 will have a matte aluminium finish.

Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro official render

As you can expect from Google, the new Pixel 6 devices will be running Android 12 with the new Material You design language.

Google also revealed that Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro will be powered by the new Tensor SoC, Google’s first custom-built SoC specifically for Pixel phones. You can learn more about it here.

via XDA-Dev

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