Monetal: Track Expenses with Style and Ease on Windows Phone

Ilya Krupko today announced Monetal, a simple personal expense tracking app for Windows Phone 8 / 7.5. Offering a clean and intuitive interface, the application makes it super easy and fun for you to track expenses, visualize and analyze data to see where your money is going.

Monetal allows you to create several accounts for cash, credit cards, electronic money, and then log income and expenses for each account via plus and minus icons on the main screen. The process is very fast. When you’re about to pay for gasoline, for example, quickly open Monetal on the phone, click minus, type in the amount, select a tag from the list of commonly used categories, and you’ll be done before you get your change back.

The main screen displays the total amount of money you have and remaining funds for each account separately. Information gets updated automatically as you log transactions into the app.

The Incomes & Payment screen lets you view your collected income and expenses by month. You can see the total amount of money you earned and spent, net income, income and expenses by category.

There is also an expense calendar that lets you see the history of transactions for any day. All days in the calendar are color coded. The more transactions occurred on a particular day, the brighter it is. Color itself depends on the ratio of income and expenses. If there are more expenses than income, color is closer to red. If there is more income than expenses, color is green. If the balance is equal or close to zero, color is gray.

Monetal has Dropbox support that allows you to upload data to the cloud and have it synced down to whatever device or computer you have attached to Dropbox.

Monetal 4.1 is available as free and paid versions. Paid version costs $1.29 (US) and allows you to have more than three accounts and set a password.

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