All of Mojang’s games will require the compulsory use of a Microsoft account from this point onwards. 

Six years after the massive $2.5 billion acquisition of Minecraft developer Mojang in 2014, although not as massive as the recent $7.5 billion ZeniMax Media acquisition, all of the developers games will require the use of a Microsoft account for security purposes.

Detailed in a new blog post, the Minecraft studio explained that the compulsory addition of Microsoft accounts to their software library is due to the tighter security, two-factor authentication support and to connect all of a customers purchases and games to one single account.

This is a mandatory change. The developer states that players who don’t migrate their accounts to Microsoft accounts will not be able to login to their accounts after the next “several months”.

Here’s how to migrate your account: 

  • 1) Click the announcement to migrate
  • 2) Sign-in if you have a pre-existing MSA or sign-up with a new MSA if you don’t already have one
  • 3) Set up your Xbox profile
  • 4) Confirm the migration to MSA
  • 5) Play the game using your MSA

Players can check out the full FAQ right here.