Modern Warfare April Fools creates a Piccadilly-only playlist

April 1, 2020

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Resident Evil 3 may have attempted to create this month’s biggest horror title, but Call of Duty developer Infinity Ward has got them beat. This year’s Modern Warfare April Fools is truly terrifying.

Tuesdays are big days for Call of Duty: for as long as the series has thrived on its online multiplayer component, Tuesday has been Update Day! It’s normally a day of triumph; this week it’s a day of terror.

There’s no bossanova beat for this update day, not even a hint of Chu-Man Fu. This week’s patch only brings with it a refresh of the game’s multiplayer playlists.

Amongst Quick Play, Ground War, Gunfight, Gunfight 3v3 – Snipers Only and more, there’s one that stands out: I Have Trust Issues.

Similar to a previous I Have Rust Issues that used to allowed players to play exclusively on the infamous Modern Warfare 2 Rust map. I Have Trust Issues doesn’t do that; get ready for Hell.

I Have Trust Issues places players exclusively on Modern Warfare 2019’s worst map: Piccadilly. Only Piccadilly. Oof.

Image Source: VG24/7

Another playlist Titled COD Players Only Want One Thing is another intriguing playlist, but one that players would actually want. This playlist puts players in a constant Shipment playlist that places players in a 10v10 playlist of the game’s smallest map.

Modern Warfare April Fools is more like a Halloween event.

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