Modern Combat 4 Tips and Tricks by SPKB24

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Want to get better at Modern Combat 4 by Gameloft? Well now you can learn from the best! Hi, I am SPKB24, the number 1 ranked player on Windows Phone. I am going to teach you how to get better at the game.
Why should you buy this app?

Not only will I talk to you about tactics to get better, but also:
– EXAMPLES – I will show you examples of how I play through my videos!
– CHAT – I will show you how to get in contact with me and many other MC4 pros such as viTi_ThE_pRo, ChuckD65, Jackey0815, Mr Lachey, and many many more!
– RECORDS – I will show you top records such as most kills in a team battle!
– LIVE TILES – You can pin a tile the will flip through pictures of headshots!QRCode
– PLAYER PROFILES – Learn about the people that you play against!

Scan the QR code to download, or click the link below!


P.S. This is my first app as a developer so please leave a review and let me know how I did, Thank You!

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