Mobility Software Products announces the release of DataSource V1.0 for Palm Treo 700w/wx, Verizon


16, 2009

announcement_service DataSource is a general purpose application. It can be used in any industry or profession or for any purpose where structured data needs to be collected and shared in a geographically-dispersed, near real-time manner.

DataSource uses native Microsoft SQL Server Compact Edition (SqlCE) databases, directly on your Treo 700w or 700wx. You can perform the following tasks with DataSource:

  • POPULATE – Add, change or delete database data.

  • VIEW – View database data.

  • TRANSFER – Upload and download databases, via the Verizon Wireless Network, to/from Internet FTP servers, using File Transfer Protocol (RFC959 FTP). Phone-to-Phone database transfer is supported in this manner.

  • CREATE – Create new, single-table, DataSource databases.

  • MODIFY – Add and delete database columns. Change column names.

  • DELETE-COPY – Delete databases from the Treo’s main storage or from the storage card (if present). Copy databases between the Treo’s main storage and the storage card.

Visit Mobility Software Products for more information.

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