Mixer update introduces new monetization features and visual flourishes


1, 2018

Ever since Microsoft’s acquisition of the streaming service Mixer, originally named Beam, there has been a constant slew of updates. Today, the service will be receiving its Season 2 update, bringing with it a wealth of new features.

The first feature added in Season 2 is the addition of “skills”. Skills grant viewers the ability to cheer on their favorite streamers with more than just text. Now, you’ll be able to send animated gifs, effects or stickers to mark special occasions. Microsoft has said that every time a viewer uses a skill during a stream, the streamer will receive a small financial benefit. That’s corporate speak for cha-ching!

Skills will be available to buy with cash and something called “Sparks”. Sparks are earned by simply viewing streams and supporting streamers.

Embers are also being introduced as a new form of virtual currency. This currency is a paid-only currency that can be used to purchase the best type of skills.

With all of these new features, Microsoft is still not finished. Streamers and viewers will now have access to a full progression system.  Using skills, conversing in the chat, and watching streams every day will eventually lead to a level up. It’s an interesting form of gamification and I imagine it’ll go down well.

Streamers will also be able to turn on automatic bitrate switching soon, allowing them to keep the stream stable. Viewers will be able to report issues relating to video playback soon, too.

Source: Variety

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