Mixer co-founder James Boehm has left Microsoft for GamerGoo


2, 2019

James Boehm, the co-founder of Microsoft’s streaming service Mixer, has departed from Microsoft.

Boehm founded the Streaming service back in 2014 as a competitor to Amazon’s Twitch TV. After the Microsoft acquisition in 2016, Boehm helped the service to become the strong competitor it is today.

Boehm’s departure from the streaming service is due to the creator wanting to “empower and engage communities and creators through a series of investments and new business ventures.”

“I’m proud of my achievements with the Mixer team and my time at Microsoft. I’ve learned so much from so many talented engineers and designers; it’s such an amazing team and I’m so humbled to have been a part of it,” Boehm announced.

“I’m excited about the future of the mixer platform, but now I’m giving my focus to new projects I’m involved in, with the aim of continuing to develop the industry and its communities.”

With his Mixer departure, Boehm has joined GamerGoo, a company creating lotions for gamers. While it’s not as big a project as an entire streaming service, GamerGoo is an intriguing project to help stop sweaty hands.

With Boehm’s departure, Microsoft is still working on Mixer. While the Mixer co-founder is gone, Microsoft’s efforts will keep the service popular. With acquisitions like Ninja and the introduction of an Xbox Scarlett camera for streaming, Microsoft is working hard.

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