Misfit app updated with new look for Windows 10 devices

Misfit Windows Store

Misfit app recently got updated in Windows Store with new look for Windows 10 PCs and mobile. Misfit trackers like Misfit Shine or Flash can connect to your Windows device using this app. With wireless syncing, you’ll spend less time plugging in and more time moving.


  • Goal Setting – track your running, cycling, swimming and more
  • Activity Meter – check your activity progress and see your steps, calories, and distance travelled.
  • Intensity Graph – See your activity level grow over time
  • Sleep Tracking – Sleep quality, duration, and sleep goals
  • Weight Tracking – Keep track of your long-term progress and fitness goals.
  • Shine with Friends – Personalize your profile, add friends and compare your daily activity

Update it here from Windows Store.

Price: Free
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