Mio Universal Channels lets you chat with Slack and Cisco Webex users directly from Microsoft Teams

by Surur
June 13, 2020

Workplace collaboration apps have become increasingly important, especially with many teams scattered around the world. Sometimes however different teams use different platforms e.g. Microsoft Teams vs Slack, or you want to pull in discussion from other companies who use different platforms.

Mio Universal Channels aims to solve that problem by letting you chat with external contacts using Slack and Cisco Webex directly from Microsoft Teams. You simply create a Universal Channel and set an invite link to participants.

Universal Channels let you:

  • Respond to customers, partners & vendors in real time.
  • Work as you normally do in Microsoft Teams channels.
  • Chat from one place, not all over the place.
  • Reduce the number of guest accounts and workspaces you switch between.
  • Finish projects faster.
  •  Send files, reply to threads, & react to messages.
  • Mio enables seamless cross-app messaging with external contacts in the background. You might even forget they don’t use Microsoft Teams.
  • Get work done with 3+ companies in one universal channel:
  •  Chat with an unlimited number of companies in a single universal channel across multiple chat apps.
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The service does require the paid version of Microsoft Teams, but the first Universal Channel is free.

Read more about the service at M.io here, and find the Teams plugin in the Teams Store here.

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