Minecraft archivists find long lost Minecraft 1.1.1.

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Minecraft Classic

Minecraft’s long lost 1.1.1. build only existed for “3 hours and 25 minutes” but thanks to some astronomical odds, the “holy grail” of updates has been found. 

The tale of this archivists dream update was told by Luna, “lunasorcery” in a long thread on Twitter, who miraculously found the build on an old USB stick housing a backup from their laptop that they used at the time. 

Archiving communities have seen Minecraft’s 1.1.1. build as a “holy grail of sorts,” Luna explained, as the build featured a major bug that could turn a player’s entire screen grey, rendering the game unplayable. 

Because of this, the bug was swiftly patched, and anyone who actually wanted to play Minecraft was swiftly pushed towards 1.1.2. which had a fix for the issue. At the time, no one thought to keep a copy of this simply broken build, so it faded away into obscurity, much to the dismay of archivists.

The keen archiving folk over at “Omniarchive” haven’t just been waiting around for builds to appear Luna explained, writing that “they’re following up on every lead they can find about rare versions.” This included following up on a very old tweet of Luna’s from 2010 which excitedly proclaimed “oooooohhhhhhh MineCraft update!” at around the time of the infamous 1.1.1. update.

Despite initially blowing off an inquisitive message from hopeful archivists, Luna thankfully picked up the second time around and began on a search through old laptop backups and bags to find the missing build on an old USB stick. 

What Luna finally found set the Omniarchive discord alight with excitement and after a quick verification by moderators, it was confirmed to be the missing Minecraft 1.1.1. build, thought till now to be all but extinct. 

As if that wasn’t enough, Luna was also in possession of a .jar file of the rare c0.29_01 build which hadn’t been found until now in an unmodified state. Both of these files are now archived on archive.org for all to admire as a piece of Minecraft history.

While Minecraft’s 1.1.1. build is undoubtedly an incredible find for archivists, it’s not the best if you’re actually looking to play Minecraft due to the major graphical bug and all. Thankfully, there have been a lot more updates since then, with part one of Minecraft’s Caves & Cliffs update being the most recent one for you to enjoy.

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