Mike Ybarra promises to improve sharing Xbox One gameplay on social media

The Xbox One has a multitude of features but one that remains cumbersome is the ability to share screenshots or videos to Twitter. Right now it takes a number of convoluted steps to do that. It’s gotten to the point where many gamers would rather hook up an Elgato to their consoles than take a screenshot using the Xbox One’s built-in ability. When gamers are willing to go those lengths, you know there’s a problem…and this isn’t a new problem.

Luckily, Mike Ybarra has promised an update to fix this issue. While addressing a question from a fan on Twitter, Ybarra said that his team should’ve made it easier to share clips on social media a long time ago. Surprisingly, he acknowledged how bad the problem was. Every day a number of people ask the Xbox Team to look into this on the UserVoice website and social media.

It’s encouraging to see that Microsoft is actively pursuing solutions to problems countless Xbox One owners have pointed out in the past. However, it’s confusing at the same time because the ability to share gameplay on Facebook or Twitter in an efficient manner is a cornerstone to any gaming console nowadays. Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 make it much easier to showcase your moments of triumph with friends. Given Microsoft’s expertise with operating systems, you’d expect the company to have fixed this a while ago. It’s definitely a little surprising that Microsoft are the ones playing catch-up on a feature so basic which its competitors have mastered.

Despite the delay, it’s encouraging to see that Microsoft is working on a solution which improves the ability to share clips and screenshots on social media. While Mike Ybarra didn’t provide a time frame as to when Xbox One owners can expect the feature, it should hit Preview members in the next few months given the speed as which previously-announced changes have made their way to testers.

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