Microsoft’s Xbox Insider Hub is coming to Windows 10 PCs

The Xbox app in Windows 10 is a pretty great way of keeping up with all the activities of your Xbox friends. The app also lets you access some of the important features on your Xbox One, without needing to turn on your console. If you are an Xbox Insider, you will be glad to know that this might also be the same case for the Xbox Insider Hub app.

That’s because the Xbox Insider Hub is now available for Windows 10 PCs as well. Now don’t get too excited yet — the app doesn’t actually work yet, and you will only see a “coming soon” message after opening it up. Microsoft will likely roll out a new update to the app sometime soon that will let you actually use the app on your Windows 10 PC, but it isn’t clear when that will happen yet.

When the Xbox Insider Hub app is usable on Windows 10 PCs, you will be able to access things like the latest announcements about the Xbox Insider Program, all of the available quests, and other Insider-related things that you’d usually be able to control from your Xbox One. It isn’t known if you would be able to do things like Quests on your Windows 10 PC as the quests are meant to be done on your Xbox instead, so it’ll be interesting to see how that works.

Nevertheless, if you want to download the Xbox Insider Hub app on your Windows 10 PC right now, you can do that from the link below.