Microsoft’s Windows Mobile Facebook software featurelist revealed

Microsoft has developed their own facebook client software for Windows Mobile, and early builds have been in the wild for some time now.

It seems the final version will be made available pretty soon to all comers, and Microsoft has revealed the full feature list at

The software will support:

  • FaceBookProfile – View your profile, update status, write on wall, add photos and videos, and send messages
  • News feeds –  Compose, view, reply and delete items
  • Status updates – View, update and change picture
  • Photos and videos – Upload and view pictures, people tag, geo tag, auto upload to Facebook, read photo details, and make comments. The application will be the only version on the market offering the ability to upload video right from the phone.
  • Wall – Post and delete items
  • Friends profile – Invite, comment on status, view full profile, and email, SMS or call from profile
  • Email – View, send and reply
  • Notifications – View, poke and accept notifications
  • Requests – Confirm friend requests and invites
  • That all sounds pretty good, especially the presence of exclusive features. We also know a MySpace client is on the way, and its likely Microsoft sees social networking as a way into the heart of generation Web 2.0.

    Now all they need is a good twitter client …