Microsoft’s Windows 10 19H1 lets you mix light and dark themes, here’s how to use it

In Windows 10 19H1, Microsoft has added new theme customisation features. For one, the firm added a whole new revamped light theme to the OS. More interestingly, Microsoft has added a new option where users don’t have to pick either a dark theme or a light theme but can pick to mix and match.

With the new theme option, a user could have all their apps in dark theme while having the Windows UI itself remain light or vice versa.

How to customise Windows 10s new themes in 19H1

  1. Open the Settings App and navigate to Personalisation > Colors
  2. Under the “choose your colour” drop-down, select the ‘Custom’ option.
  3. Two new options will now show up, allowing you to customise whether your apps like Chrome or Movies and TV are dark or light themed, or whether you want the Windows shell UI itself to be a different colour.

Tip: Windows 10’s 19H1 still lets you select a custom colour or turn transparency off and on, so you can go further with making Windows your own.