Microsoft’s Who’s In app now available for Android and iOS devices

Back in April, Microsoft released an iMessage app called Who’s In which helps users to plan their night out with friends without much effort. Instead of switching between a variety of apps and contacts to get everyone on the same page, using Who’s In app users can find activities with Bing, suggest times to meet, allow friends to vote for the best option and more. Since many people don’t use iMessage, Microsoft has now released it as a standalone app for iPhone and iPad.


  • Eat and Drink: Find restaurants options that your friends will love – you can search by cuisine, location, or price. The flexibility of Bing search at your fingertips.
  • Watch a Movie: Find movie options with ratings and review details. The movie cards even link to show time information.
  • Visit an Attraction: For your next staycation, perhaps explore your local museums or parks. Why not see if some friends can join?
  • Create Your Own: Need help scheduling an event you’re hosting? Use Create Your Own to make planning your next get together with friends easier.

You can download it here from Apple App Store.


Microsoft has now released this app for Android devices. Similar to the iOS app, Who’s In Android app makes planning with friends a breeze. You can find activities with Bing, suggest times to meet, and more. Download it here from Play Store.