Microsoft’s WhiteBoard app to get a BlackBoard mode

Microsoft Whiteboard is the company’s popular real-time collaboration inking app for Windows 10, the Surface Hub, and also iOS, Android and the web.

As the name of the app implies, users will be able to work on a whiteboard in real-time — where they can ink using different pens and colours, and it will show up for all the other users working on the whiteboard almost instantly. The app also features smart object detection, which means whenever you draw a circle or a triangle with your Surface Pen on the Whiteboard app, it will automatically smooth out the object.

Microsoft has been taking feedback from users of the app, and it seems a Blackboard mode is in great demand. Today Microsoft responded that they will be adding that feature.

Microsoft has not announced a timeline for the feature, but Microsoft’s Garage team are usually pretty responsive, meaning we will likely not have to wait too long.

The current version of the app can be found here.

Microsoft Whiteboard
Microsoft Whiteboard