A few weeks ago we learned that Microsoft is working on a project management solution called Outlook Spaces.

Spaces is a web experience that will help you organize your emails, meetings, and docs into easy-to-follow project spaces. With Spaces, you can pull together your relevant documents, emails, and events in Outlook using search terms in a single location. You can also create to-do lists, add notes, include any relevant links and more. Once you have populated the relevant content as a project, you can invite others for collaboration. In the future, Outlook Spaces will use AI in assisting you to add items to projects in Spaces.

Superficially the service looks a lot like Trello, a project management service, but it now appears Microsoft is not just targeting corporate users.

WalkingCat has revealed that Spaces will also be available under the consumer-focussed “Live” domain, rather than the enterprise-focussed “Office” domain.¬† At present, the service is not available at that URL yet, but it appears to be under construction.

Check out the introduction video of Outlook Spaces below.

via WBI