Microsoft’s Precision Mouse now available in jet black


11, 2018

Last year Microsoft released their new Surface Precision Mouse which besides all the other features was also themed in the same iconic grey as the rest of Microsoft’s Surface Line.

Now a year later Microsoft has renewed the range with the same mouse but now for everyone else. The mouse in black is now sans the Surface brand but still has all the same great features.

The new Precision Mouse offers great comfort and control. It comes with the patented magnetic scrolling for precise control, and a customizable design with three programmable buttons. Users can connect it with up to three PCs for multi-tasking and it comes with support for both Bluetooth and wired USB connections.

Like all the Microsoft’s Surface products, the Precision Mouse has a soft and premium feel. Microsoft Precision Mouse is also created for long hours of work with thoughtful ergonomic details, including side grips, a thumb rest, and an elegant curved shape that conforms to your hand.

See Microsoft’s video showing off the accessory below:

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You can find it at Microsoft here and at Amazon at here.

Via the WC

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