Microsoft’s Surface-branded Miracast dongle still on the way


16, 2014

Author Surur // in News


Despite Microsoft Mobile releasing their own HD-10 Miracast streaming solution, it seems the Surface team’s own Miracast dongle is also still on the way.

WindowsBlogItalia reports that the Surface branded dongle, which Microsoft is set to call a wireless video card, will be sold as part of the Surface accessory line, which includes USB ethernet adaptors and VGA and HDMI adaptors.

The device will be USB powered, potentially directly from the TV for some televisions, and will have a 6 metre range.  They note the device will let you use our TV as a HD monitor, and also speak of various other applications such as streaming Xbox Video.  We suspect however that it will all work via simple screen sharing.

Hopefully Microsoft’s solution will be cheaper than the somewhat unreasonable $100 the HD-10 costs.

WindowsBlogItalia has many more leaked slides here.

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