Microsoft’s Subscription Management Store interface gets fleshed out


23, 2018

We reported earlier that the Microsoft Store will allow users to purchase and manage subscription services in the app.

The features are currently included in the app but deactivated, but ALumia has managed to unlock some of them, as can be seen above.

The screenshot shows the subscription management interface, which they note will include Xbox Game Pass, EA Access and more.

The app also has a number of other hidden changes including:

  • Fluent design will soon arrive in new sections of the app
  • Improvements to the research section
  • “EA Access” subscription management
  • A link to your library of apps where you can check your downloads and request updates.
  • A new Account layout.

The changes are hidden in version 11808.1001.3.0 of the Store available to the Insider Release Preview channel, and will presumably soon be revealed to regular users either via further updates or server-side switches.

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