Microsoft replaces standalone PDF reader app with Edge

by Anmol
November 26, 2017

Microsoft has quietly revealed it will be shutting down its standalone PDF Reader app for Windows 10. The app made its debut back in Windows 8.1 and has already been superseded by the Microsoft Edge app. The company has already discontinued the app for Windows 10 Mobile devices and is planning to discontinue it for Windows 10 devices as well.

Microsoft’s Reader app is really one which is redundant for Windows now that Edge is in the picture, and the firm already added a bunch of useful features like highlighting and drawing directly onto the PDF files so that the users can take notes and edit easily.

Users who open the app will see the following message:

Microsoft is retiring the Reader app on this and later versions of Windows 10 and you will not be to use this app after 15 February 2018. We recommend Microsoft Edge for reading PDF, Windows XPS Viewer for XPS, and Windows Photos app for TIFF files.

While Microsoft encourages you to use Edge, you can still use Google Chrome or Firefox if you don’t want to download extra apps if you’re scared Microsoft is forcing you to use Edge.

Microsoft Reader will remain available until February 15, 2018.

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