Microsoft’s Q3 2018 earnings: Windows OEM revenue up 4% as Pro revenue boom


26, 2018

Microsoft has released their earnings report for the Q3 of their 2018 fiscal year (as distinct from the calendar year).

Overall for the More Personal  Computing division revenue was $9.9 billion, driven by Windows, Gaming, Surface and Search, increased 13% (up 11% in constant currency) while profit was up 24% (20% in constant currency).

Windows OEM earnings grew by 11% in the pro market. More premium licenses were sold over the quarter.

In addition, Windows commercial products and cloud services revenue increased 21% (up 17% in constant currency) driven by an increased volume of multi-year agreements and the mix of products that carry higher in-quarter revenue recognition.

Non-Pro revenue continued to slide, now down 8% year on year, possibly indicative of consumers pivoting more and more to other platforms, and Microsoft concentrating increasingly on enterprise customers.

Overall Windows OEM revenue increased 4% (up 4% in constant currency).

Gross margin was 13%, with Microsoft investing in Gaming, Search and AI engineering.

Read the full results here.

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