Microsoft’s new Treasure Tag Plus pass through FCC


1, 2015



It seems Microsoft is going to have another go at the location-tracking business with a new version of the Treasure Tag proximity detection accessory.

A new Treasure Tag Plus (FCC ID PYAWS-20) has just passed through the FCC, and consistent with Microsoft’s new People are not squares philosophy the device it now a circle rather than a rectangle.

The FCC report does not reveal detailed information about the Bluetooth 4.0 device, but given the Plus designation I think it i very likely to support NFC also, unlike the Treasure Tag mini.

This would be the 3rd generation of Treasure Tags released by Microsoft, and when clipped to valuables such as keys can be used to find those items via the Bluetooth Proximity Profile from your phone, and can also commonly make your phone ring when a button is pressed on the tag.

Previous generations of the tag was plagued by poor reliability and poor support by Windows Phone, with most handsets in circulation not supporting Bluetooth 4.0. Hopefully the next generation will do somewhat better.

Microsoft has asked for short term confidentiality until September, suggesting we may see the device announced before then.

Have our readers ever tried the Treasure Tag? Let us know your experience below.

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