Microsoft’s new Surface Pen is the fastest pen ever

Along with the new Surface Pro, Microsoft today introduced a brand-new Surface Pen. Microsoft packed some major improvements into the new Surface Pen, and if you frequently use the pen, you’ll love the new improvements.

The updated Surface Pen from Redmond comes with a new tilt functionality that works seamlessly with the new Surface Pro’s Studio Mode (tilt support for the Pen is coming to the Surface Book and Studio later this year, too). But more importantly, the new Surface Pen is two times more accurate than the original Surface Pen — and it’s also four times more pressure sensitive than the original Surface Pen with 4096 pressure points.

Microsoft says the new Surface Pen is the fastest pen ever when compared to other implementations on iOS, Android, and even Windows. In fact, Microsoft’s technical fellow and the co-inventor of Surface, Stevie Bathiche, mentioned in a recent interview that the new Surface Pen is twice as response as the Apple Pencil. Bathiche says Microsoft’s custom touch controller talks to the company’s custom silicon and display accelerator to speed up the process of sending data from the pen to the device. Redmond also built a new API in Windows 10 that talks to the custom silicon directly to decode all the data coming from the Pen.

The new tilt functionality and the improved performance of the new Surface Pen do sound really impressive. But the real-life experience will be crucial, so that will certainly be quite interesting to see on the Surface Pro, Surface Studio and Surface Book.

You can grab the Surface Pro from the Microsoft’s Store here.