Microsoft’s new service will save enterprises from VMWare tax


22, 2017

Microsoft’s upcoming Azure Migrate service will free enterprises from paying VMWare tax by migrating their VMware-based applications to Azure. Azure Migrate will be a free service for all Azure customers. While most of the leading cloud vendors offer single server migration features, Azure Migrate will help customers in migrating an entire multi-server application.

Microsoft’s new Azure Migrate service will provide the guidance, insights, and mechanisms needed to assist enterprise customers in migrating to Azure. It offers the following,

  • Discovery and assessment for on-premises virtual machines
  • Inbuilt dependency mapping for high-confidence discovery of multi-tier applications
  • Intelligent rightsizing to Azure virtual machines
  • Compatibility reporting with guidelines for remediating potential issues
  • Integration with Azure Database Management Service for database discovery and migration

Microsoft says that organisations can save up to 84% of the cost over the period of three years when compared to on-premise VMWare setup.

Learn more about the cost savings here.

Source: Microsoft

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