Microsoft’s new Remote Desktop Preview app leaks

by Surur
February 17, 2019

Microsoft is working on a new Remote Desktop Client that is optimised for their Windows Virtual Desktop push, which would see companies run their productivity software primarily in Microsoft’s Azure cloud.

The client app has been leaked by WalkingCat, with download links available in his tweet below:

The client features:

Provides a remote desktop experience and remote applications on any device. Combine Microsoft 365 and Azure to give users the unique multi-session Windows 10 experience with outstanding scalability and low IT costs.
The main features are as follows:

  • Provide users with the unique multi-session experience of Windows 10 – Provide your users with the only complete Windows 10 enterprise multi-user environment virtualized in the cloud, always up to date and available on every device. Leverage the cost-effectiveness of shared computing resources previously available only with server-based virtualization.

  • Optimize for Office 365 ProPlus – Run a full Windows 10 desktop optimized for Office 365 ProPlus, providing your users with the most productive virtualized environment.

  • Deploy and Scale in Minutes – Virtualize and deploy modern and legacy desktop apps with unified management, without having to host, install, configure, and manage components such as diagnostics, network, connection broker, and gateway.

Microsoft is hoping that companies will use the service to run their legacy Windows 7 environment safely in the cloud while they slowly transition their workforce to Windows 10.  The service lets companies use their existing software licenses for their virtual software and comes with free extended support for Windows 7, which is ending January 14, 2020.

Read more about Microsoft’s Virtual Desktop push at their site here.


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