Microsoft’s new Read My World app will improve your English literacy skills

May 24, 2019

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Microsoft Garage yesterday revealed its latest project, Read My World. Read My World is an Android app that will help people in improving their English literacy skills by building a stronger vocabulary.

Using this app, learners can identify the objects around them by taking photos of items. This app uses Microsoft’s Cognitive Services to detect, analyze and identify the object. It also comes with syllabification and text to speech features allowing learners to hear and see the spelling of the object as a vocabulary word.

Key features:

  • Take a photo to identify an object from a library of over 1500 vocabulary words
  • Take a photo to identify vocab words in documents or other written mediums
  • See the spelling and hear the phonetic pronunciation of identified vocab words
  • Save photos with corresponding identified word to a personal dictionary for later reference
  • Practice saved words with any of three vocabulary games

You can sign-up for here for beta testing this app.

Source: Microsoft

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