Microsoft’s new Chromium-based Microsoft Edge browser also works great on Windows 7 (screenshots)

March 26, 2019

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Yesterday we reported that a Chromium-based Edge build was leaked online. Although Microsoft is designing the new Edge mainly for Windows 10, it does work on the older versions of Windows as well.

To test it, we downloaded a Windows 7 ISO and tried Microsoft Edge on it. To our surprise, Microsoft Edge works perfectly on Windows 7 as well. We did get an annoying black bar on the top bar of Edge but it might just be a bug. Apart from that, the browser works flawlessly on Windows 7 and it consumes less battery compared to Google Chrome. You can head below to check out some of the screenshots of Microsoft Edge on Windows 7.

Microsoft hasn’t still released the official build of the Edge browser so we don’t recommend installing it just yet. While we haven’t discovered any bugs or malware in the Edge installer, it’s not a good idea to download and install files from unknown sources.

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