Microsoft’s new AI-powered Bing is coming soon to third-party browsers on web and mobile

August 7, 2023

It’s been six months since Microsoft announced the new AI-powered Bing. To date, Microsoft has served over 1 billion chats and over 750 million images. Microsoft today highlighted all the features and improvements that were rolled out over the past 6 months. Microsoft also revealed that the new Bing experience is coming to 3rd party browsers on both desktop and mobile.

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You can find the summary of them below:

Bing Image Creator: Create images with your words using DALL?E models from OpenAI. For example, ask Bing to draw your living room décor ideas. Explore the possibilities of visual and verbal AI-generated content with Bing.

Chat History: Bing remembers your previous chats and shows them on the right-hand side under “Recent Activity”. You can resume, delete, rename, export, or share any conversation with others.

AI-powered search wherever you are

Bing Mobile App: Access Bing’s AI-powered features on your mobile devices. Get complete, cited answers; use Bing Image Creator; and more. Also, enjoy mobile-specific features like a homescreen widget and voice input.

Windows Copilot: Windows is the first PC platform to provide centralized AI experiences with Windows Copilot. With Bing Chat, you can work on your projects and collaborate across your favorite apps without switching between them. Windows Copilot makes every user a power user.

Bing in SwiftKey: SwiftKey’s AI-powered predictive text technology makes texting easier and faster. Bing integrates into SwiftKey with Search, Chat, and Tone features. You can use AI to compose texts, translate languages, edit the tone of an email, and more.

Newest features

Third-Party Browser Support: Experience the new AI-powered Bing in third-party browsers on web and mobile soon. Get the benefits of summarized answers, image creation and more. For the best Bing Chat experience, use Bing in Microsoft Edge. You’ll get longer conversations, chat history, and more Bing features built into the browser.

Multimodal Visual Search in Chat: Use images to chat with Bing. Bing Chat can understand and answer questions about any image you input. For example, ask Bing Chat about a building’s architecture or get lunch ideas from a picture of your fridge.

Dark Mode: Save battery and protect your eyes with Dark Mode. It works in Bing Chat and Bing Chat Enterprise on desktop and mobile.

Bing Chat Enterprise: Bing Chat Enterprise brings AI-powered chat to work. Get verifiable answers and citations with commercial data protection. Your user and business data are secure and private.

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