Microsoft’s Messaging + Skype app for PCs now displays your SMS messages on newest Redstone builds

March 4, 2016

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Microsoft released a new Insider Build for Windows PCs earlier this evening, and while there were just a few highlighted new features, one mildly exciting one made its way along for the ride.

The Messaging app for Windows 10 PCs can now display all messages stored via the Windows Phone backup system. This includes all messages from Windows Phone 8 devices, all the way up to Windows 10 Mobile devices. Messages sent via SMS as well as any replies will appear in the messaging app within one or two minutes due to that same backup system.

Screenshot (29)

Unfortunately, the app has lost the ability to display and send media messages and moji, but that will most likely be fixed in future updates.

While the ability to view your SMS greatly increases the appeal of the messaging apps to Windows phone users, especially when combined with Cortana’s ability to send messages, the app is still lacking a lot of polish in several places.

Microsoft’s work on the somewhat flaky backend is raising our confidence level in this app, but it will need to be much better by release if the app hopes to become a selling point as opposed to another app people don’t use.

As we stated before, this app update is only available on Microsoft’s new insider fast build for PCs at the moment. It is currently unknown whether the update is tied to the new build itself or will roll out to TH2 devices in the coming weeks.

Download Messaging from the store below,


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