Microsoft’s Lift London is not defunct; social media closed as focus is shifted away from games



Although recent rumors have tried to prove otherwise, Microsoft’s Lift London is alive and well.

After the closure of the company’s numerous social media accounts, the experimental and casual game studio Lift London has been under the spotlight. Many thought that the company had been closed by the likes of Microsoft following its presence from social media becoming nonexistent.

At the time of writing, the company’s Wikipedia page currently states that the team went defunct last year. We’re told that this is not the case.

“This is a misunderstanding,” Senior Program Manager Danielle Schmitt told us. “Lift London is very much still open, we have simply decided to remove our social media presence as Lift is no longer a game studio.

Instead, we will share information (recruiting, blogs, etc.) about Lift via the larger, standard Microsoft channels.”

The Microsoft studio has been the center of many tough times in the past. 2015 saw the company face numerous redundancies as it was merged with the TV team at Soho Productions.

For now, Lift London is alive and well. We expect to hear more great things from the studio in the future.

Thank you to Hervé Piton @hervepiton for the tip.

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