Microsoft’s latest Surface Pro ad goes head to head with the iPad Pro



The resurgence of the PC appears to have ignited a greater competitive spirit in Microsoft again, and as we know the company has gone on the offensive against Apple once again with a number of ads.

In their latest they compare the Surface Pro directly with the iPad Pro, noting a number of advantages.

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These include:

  • A built-in kickstand
  • A much lighter keyboard attachment
  • Many more ports, vs a single port on the iPad Pro
  • A full desktop operating system that can also work as a tablet.
  • A much lower price.

In the end, having a full desktop operating system is probably not a major feature in favour of the Surface Pro, but with our software moving increasingly online the iPad Pro’s advantage in tablet software is becoming less relevant.

With Apple selling the iPad Pro as a laptop replacement, do our readers think the two devices actually compete? Let us know below.

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