Microsoft’s latest Skype update brings a dark theme to the iPhone and Android, restores status display

Microsoft is updating Skype for iOS, Android, and Windows today with design changes for Windows and refinements for iOS and Android.

Windows users are getting the first elements of the new Skype design, with the hamburger menu being ditched and replaced with floating windows for the setttings menu and the addition of emoji reactions to messages delivered in chat.

iOS and Android users are getting new themes, including a new spiffy looking dark theme for users who prefer to message at night, or those with AMOLED screens like Samsung Galaxy S8.

Microsoft is also restoring the old status display on Skype’s messaging home screen, so you can now see who’s online when you open the app. The feature was previously removed, leading to a backlash in comments in both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

All users will be getting direct sharing features as Skype will now be plugging into the WIndows, iOS, and Android sharing intent system so users can share content like photos, contacts and more directly to Skype.

Microsoft’s new Skype has been polarizing, to say the least, but the company isn’t going back on it. Instead, we can expect to see moves from the company aimed at appeasement of displeased customers, bringing back elements that the userbase likes, and improving on the changes that have already been made.

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