Microsoft’s latest patent will improve your next conference call

by Anmol
November 9, 2019

In the last few years, Microsoft has developed a bunch of tools to support enterprises and the company has benefited from those tools while fixing some common problems. Now, Microsoft wants to improve your conference call experience.

According to the patent titled “COMPUTERIZED INTELLIGENT ASSISTANT FOR CONFERENCES”, Microsoft is planning to introduce new conferencing hardware which will identify people using facial and voice recognition. It will then log the meeting accordingly and record everything. The patent was filed last year and was published by the WIPO on 7th November.

A method for facilitating a remote conference includes receiving a digital video and a computer-readable audio signal. A face recognition machine is operated to recognize a face of a first conference participant in the digital video, and a speech recognition machine is operated to translate the computer-readable audio signal into a first text. An attribution machine attributes the text to the first conference participant. A second computer-readable audio signal is processed similarly, to obtain a second text attributed to a second conference participant. A transcription machine automatically creates a transcript including the first text attributed to the first conference participant and the second text attributed to the second conference participant.
– Microsoft

With a device like this, there’s always a question of privacy. While the patent didn’t talk much about it, we do expect Microsoft to take care of privacy and make sure the details of the meeting don’t fall into the wrong hands.

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