Microsoft’s HoloLens likely out of production


21, 2017

We posted earlier today that the ISDA Award-winning Microsoft HoloLens Mixed Reality headset was out of production, and was surprised that this news surprised our readers, assuming it was common knowledge.

The news had telegraphed by main HoloLens supplier Himax for some time, and in their most recent FY Q2 2017 Results published the 4th August the CFO of Himax Jacqueline Chang, said:

The year-over-year declines were due to discontinuation of LCOS and WLO shipments to one of our major AR device customers who decided to end the products production as we’ve reported before.

That customer has long been believed to be Microsoft.

The news is of course compounded by the confirmation by Intel that the processor used in the HoloLens has also been discontinued.

Himax had earlier signalled not to expect a successor for at least 2 years suggesting if you want a HoloLens headset it may be a good idea to pick one up now before they sell out.

While waiting for the technology to mature Microsoft has instead been working on creating an ecosystem of VR headsets for Windows Mixed Reality, which at $300-$400 in price would be a 1/10th of the price and are likely to see much more penetration this holiday season.

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