Microsoft’s new extension will show a list of links shared with you

March 4, 2021
Microsoft Edge

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Microsoft has released a new extension for the Edge web browser. The new extension will keep a record of the links shared so its easier to find them at a later time.

On the extension page, Microsoft writes that the company wants to help users “save time and effort by making links shared with/by user searchable in the history page of Edge Browser.” The company plans to add it as a native feature of Edge but that will happen at a later date.

This extension is aimed to provide the power of being able to find shared links in the history page and play with it and collect user feedback before we implement it natively in Edge.

Currently, the extension is still in the development phase but you can download it from the Microsoft Edge Add-ons store. Along with the Links Recall History extension, Microsoft has also introduced the Links Recall Omnibox extension. The extension allows users to access recently shared links directly from the address bar. You can get the Links Recall Omnibox from the Microsoft Edge Add-ons store.

Via: Techdows

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