Microsoft’s Data Gathering App updated

data gathering

Gathering data is an important part of many professions, be they students, surveyors or simply marketers.

For those users Microsoft has an app which makes it simply to design custom surveys which can be shared with mobile users, can work online and offline and offers tracking of critical information.

This is a companion app to support Microsoft’s free survey service at With the easy-to-use companion app, the Microsoft Data Gathering service allows you to respond to custom surveys, polls and questionnaires from a mobile device in even the most remote locations–with or without a consistent Internet connection.

To use:

  •  First, create your surveys, polls and questionnaires online at
  • Send your survey link to responders via email, text or social networks
  • For mobile users, download this companion app to respond to surveys–online or offline
  • Store data securely and view it right from any modern browser
  • Analyze your data in real time using a variety of charts, tables and graphs

The latest update to version takes advantage of all the new Windows 10 features, bringing significant performance enhancements to Microsoft Data Gathering. To take advantage of these updates and future enhancements Microsoft advise existing users to upgrade to Windows 10 and uninstall previous versions of this app before upgrading to this release.

Find the updated app in the Windows Store here.