Microsoft’s latest Cumulative Update for Windows 10 October 2018 Update may have a new known issue, after users report that KB4494441 appears to be installing twice on a number of devices.

Microsoft has acknowledged the issue, saying:

In certain situations, installing an update requires multiple download and restart steps. In cased where two intermediate steps of the installation complete successfully, the View your Update history page will report that installation completed successfully twice.

In practice when users download and install the update, after rebooting they may be offered the update again, and will have to go through the download and instal procedure again. Fortunately the update does not appear to be offered for a 3rd time. KB4494441 may also be listed twice on the Windows Update history page.

Microsoft reports (except for wasted time) as far as they know no harm is done, and no action needed. KB4494441 is an important update, containing a fix for a newly discovered Intel Speculative Execution vulnerability. Read more about what it contains here.

Via WindowsLatest